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terrorists and how soon a new. >> gordon, if there is a big take away today, it is david petraeus said the cia knew very early on the benghazi attacks came at the hands of terrorists not a spontaneous demonstration. but he says there was a reason the public got a very different message. the only image of david petraeus today is his car leaving the capitol, and leaving behind his testimony. >> this was an act of terrorism from the get go. >> these were classified talking points. >> she is referring to you ramp -- u.n. ambassador susan rice who said that because was unclear, referencing a spontaneous demonstration that grew out of control. but petraeus testified that cia talking points called it immediately a terrorist attack. he said that was removed for
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strategic reasons. the move was to avoid letting terrorist agencies know they were hot on their trail. >> he was asked if his resignation at any impact on his testimony, and he said no. >> basically, his resignation had nothing to do with the benghazi issue. >> the attacks still could have and should have been thwarted the staff better protected, some say, and they insist that calls for increased security should have been heeded. >> they add to our ability to make judgments about what is clearly a failure of intelligence. >> david petraeus added in telling lawmakers that security was so lax, protesters literally walked in and set fire to the consulate. >> thank you.
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more information on the two women at the center of the petraeus scandal. apparently they made visits to the white house. paula broadwell with whom he admitted having an affair, was at the white house twice in 2009 and 2011. and jill kelley, the woman who began the investigation that led to petraeus's investigation, was at the white house. neither woman met with president obama during their visits. >> at the other end of pennsylvania avenue, discussions on the fiscal cliff. nancy pelosi and john boehner met with the president this morning. with six weeks left to go, work has to be done quickly. rebecca is live with more on the talks. >> the calendar is showing it is just a few weeks until we fall off the so-called fiscal cliff. that is when extended
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unemployment benefits will expire, tax cuts will expire, and the automatic spending cuts will go into effect. today congressional leaders were promising they would meet the deadline. >> inside the white house republican house speaker john boehner and president obama sat side by side both insisting they want and will find macdill. >> our challenge is to make sure that we are able to cooperate, work together, find common ground, make some tough compromises, build some consensus to do the people's business. >> coming out of the meeting are rare image of bipartisan ship. >> we have the recognition that every person in america knows we would not reach agreement. >> we are prepared to put everything on the table provided we fixed the problem. however, we are in the dilemma we are in that because we tax
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too little, but because we spend too well. >> some say that as a key differences that could make the negotiations difficult. today, people are saying they would rather watch both sides compromised. >> it would put too many people out of work, the country into recession. i think they both have a lot to lose. i think they will get something done. >> congress is like a built on an engine that -- a little friction is good because it makes the belt turn. too much makes it snap. >> wall street investors want to see macdill. this morning this was -- with just the hint of a compromise being reported, the stock market went up and it went even higher after those congressional leaders came out of the white house promising a compromise. experts show that is how sensitive wall street is and how much it could draw -- drop if
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they fail to meet the deadline. abc7 news. >> more fighting between gaza and israel. hamas is flexing its military muscle using its rockets. israelis have been attacking locations in gaza for the past three days. hamas has retaliated. the death toll in the conflict now 30. 27 deaths in gaza and three in israel. >> now to prince george's county where two police officers have been suspended to work in the fifth district. two african-american officers made of a video spoof called "driving while black." the police chief calls their conduct unbecoming an the video has been removed from youtube. a press conference will be held at 6:30 to discuss the
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suspension. we will have more on this at 11:00. gordon? >> one person is dead and two bill after a carbon monoxide leak. four emergency calls to the same house since tuesday. one man was found dead in the house on wednesday. it was not until yesterday when that same couple got sick again that crews discovered a carbon monoxide leak. officials urged everyone to install carbon monoxide detectors. >> the memorial for president dwight eisenhower has been delayed until next year. our review of the design -- eisenhower's family has not agreed on a final design, which they say is extravagant given the former president's humble beginnings. the commission will consider the project sometime in 2013. >> a school in prince george's
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county is celebrating its 10th anniversary and honoring one of its former students. they named it after corporal eugene mills. he was killed while serving in afghanistan. it has about 70 students. >> still to come -- instead of polls, a new suggestion to pay for road work around our area. how much it will cost. >> find out where you can get a discounted turkey meal for your family. >> clear skies, chilly temperatures outside. will it stay like this for the
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>> thanksgiving is less than a week away. help us arrive for some people who may need help this holiday. >> natasha barrett has more on a generous donation. >> thanksgiving. to many, it is a day off. or a time to spend with your family. but many others cannot worry about that.
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they are worried about feeding their family. and 11,000 turkeys and all the fixing our being offered at a discounted rate for those who cannot afford thanksgiving dinners. catholic charities are holding this annual of then in hyattsville. many churches stopped by. >> i have been going there for 3235 years. >> it is tough and sometimes embarrassing for people to ask for help. but because of the economy, some people say they have no choice. >> it is tight. very tight for people. >> the capitol area of food bank in northwest d.c. also stocked up on 30. 1000 birds were delivered today. that will go to kitchens and food pantries while the pickups will continue. and there is still time for you
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to get a discounted turkey mail for your family if you need. for all that information just log on to your web site -- to our website abc7 is. >> next at 6:00 -- a place you cannot go until tomorrow. >> and doug has good news about the weekend weather after the break. >> it has been a rough season but a preview of the redskins knew as quarterback. they play sunday at home. an offic
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> we continue with another pitch to get all virginia drivers to pay for road construction. >> state senator john watkins is proposing to raise the gasoline tax by 14 cents per gallon. this tax has not been raised since 1986. this could raise money for road work and eliminate the need for a toll on i-95.
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>> the belt way express lanes open up tomorrow, but one man could not wait to get on them because he has a lot of work to do in the next month or so. santa claus was cruising down express lanes this morning. some consider the express lanes an early christmas gift, especially during rush hour. remember, you need an easy task to use the toll lanes. santa claus does not have an easy pass. >> was better redskins flag or a easy pass? the best view is around midnight 3:00 in the morning. >> set an alarm. >> i will call you. i will wait to up. here are the conditions over the past hour two. we're looking over their rooftop
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here in arlington. let's show you just how clear it is looking across the city. the setup is in place for a very cold night. 41 degrees in starling. they were 10 degrees warmer earlier. rain now they are averaging 45 degrees. 55 is our high temperature, but still below average today and values will remain below average for a couple more days. 43 in detroit. the coldest air has pushed in flip back to the northeast as we expected. we might get close to 60 degrees by thanksgiving day. we will have a quiet period. the only thing to keep an eye on is the carolina coast line. we still expect an area of low pressure to develop. some cloudiness is possible on
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sunday. this area of disturbed weather will hang off the coast next week. beyond tuesday the high pressure will be too strong. it looks beautiful for travel on wednesday and thanksgiving day. plus, warmer temperatures to run and at no extra charge. here is our forecast overnight. clear and cold. 30 to 38 for your overnight temperatures. still a little chilly. more cloud in the afternoon. but by monday, you can see temperatures -- in the same range, laura 50's, but more sunshine. tuesday, just the chance of a few showers. the big travel day, wednesday it will be dry all across the mid-atlantic. looking at thanksgiving day look for partly to mostly sunny skies and eyes close to 70 degrees -- 60 degrees.
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>> and of course we want to let you know about the alarm clock app. you can use it to the set for the meteor showers that gordon mentioned. the app is free. just head to to download the app to your iphone. >> and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> he has a great visibility over the line. >> that is nothing for the redskins to worry about, because michael bevick nothing to worry about. he was officially removed from the game. do not shortchange him. he is 6 foot 6.
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that may work against the redskins turnover abilities. santana moss was asked about overcoming that adversity because everyone remembers how he did it before. >> i forgot it was a round ball. seriously, i am not playing. i forgot. what is done is done. what can i do about it, you know what i am saying? now the to mention that, it was fun. >> they focus on the next game. the buffalo bills prove to you do not need offensive sound to win the game. it was an ugly night for miami. the bills beat the dolphins, 19 to 14. do-or-die for d.c. united. if they take on dynamo in what
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looks to be a sold-out game. it looks like they got some. rosario likely see the field in some capacity, a boost to an offense that has been seriously depleted by injuries. rosario of possession player, an aggressive goalseter and he is taking off. i still hear the knocks on my door every morning. again, a lot of things happen in 90 minutes of soccer. you can prepare certain ways. but you have to be ready to adapt. >> to a different football, going from linebacker to quarterback is an unusual transition, but if is a transition that sean petty had to do.
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they have had four quarterback changes. he did fumbled four times. give him a break. he is a freshman. the team is looking at the positives and the lessons they learned from challenges this season. >> this says a lot about who he is as a person and out of a competitor he is and, you know, just his willingness to do what is best for the team. as a coach that is what you appreciate. that is what you're trying to build. >> petty is the former eleanor roosevelt stand out. to see the next generation of high school talent, tune in at 11:30 tonight. we will all the
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 -- howell attached are eight -- how attached are you to yourself on? do you check e-mail and tweets even late at night? we will tell you more about this addiction and how you can overcome it. >> another disease. good gracious. >> sonny tonight -- sunny tomorrow. 54. we will call this partly cloudy as an average. still on the cool side. wednesday, big trouble they, should be dry crust to region partly cloudy, upper 50s's. bob ryan in tonight with a fresh look at the weekend forecast. >> gordon has nomophobia. >> have a great weekend. ca
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